Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mimesia mean?

Mimesia is derived from the philosophical term mimesis, meaning imitation (among other things). With the suffix -ia we extend this idea to a world; a world that is a reflection of the real world. By creating our own world, we can choose which properties of physical reality we want to emphasize. Unlike Utopia, our focus is not on a perfect socio-politico-legal system, but rather on beauty, expression, and fun.

Are dogs allowed in the gallery?

Yes, but only when kept on a leash.

Are the artworks for sale?

Most of them, yes. Exceptions are labeled with a red dot.

Do you offer free Wi-Fi?

Yes. The network is called zyXELADCEF0, and the password is 35BDF2D38FFF.

What is the commission structure?

70% for the artist and 30% for the gallery. This applies to both online as gallery sales.

What do the red and yellow dots mean?

A red dot means the artwork has been sold (and therefor is no longer for sale). A yellow dot means the artwork has been placed on hold for a prospective buyer, and might be available again a later time.

What kind of art are you looking for?

We are not interested in any one particular artform, medium, price range, or style. We exclusively focus on things we like, and we think fits our philosophy.

What do vh and vw mean?

vw and vh are relative length units used for digital media. 1 vw is 1% of the width of a screen and and 1 vh is 1% of the height. 100vw × 100vh means that an artwork fills the screen.