Petra de Jong en Ferry Staverman

– 02 April, 2017

Mimesia Gallery

Ferry Staverman
Vrouw, 2016
Yiyuan (Frankie) Gao
I Could Think of Nothing But the Whirling Wave in My Bedroom, 2015
Camiel Johan Coppens
Arcadia, 2015
Ferry Staverman
Hoofd m. borsten en boedha, 2007
Petra de Jong
Yellow River, 2006
Petra de Jong
Le Caillou, 2010
René Bekker
What are you looking at?, 2016
Dominic Brown
Yuman, 2012
Alexander Dekker
The Most Expensive Work of Art, 2013
Yiyuan (Frankie) Gao
From the Above #3, 2013
Anthony Blokdijk
Nitsch, circa 1990 and ongoing